Flagship for Shopify App

About the Flagship for Shopify App

Flagship™ for Shopify is bringing reliable discounted shipping to your online store faster, easier and more affordably. Instantly upload data, print labels, process shipments, share real-time rates or set shipping rates on your online store - and more! Manage shipments for online purchases easily and take your Shopify store to the next level with Flagship.



Connecting the app to the Flagship API

When the app is installed, you will be taken to this page where you register your token to the app.

Token Register Page

Create Token Credentials

Go to https://auth.smartship.io, login with your Flagship credentials and create a set of credentials using the Shopify Preset

NOTE: Only Flagship Account Managers can access the credentials page

Auth Page

copy or keep this page open, as we will need some information from this token that was created.

Register your access token

Insert the Active token text from the token that we just created into the Access token field.


Submit the keys by pressing the Save token credentials button. If the key pair is valid, you will have successfully linked your app to the Flagship API.

You now have full access to the Flagship for Shopify app.

If for any reason, your token gets deleted, you will be redirected to this page if you ever access the app, as your token does not exist and is not considered valid. You will need to create a new token if you wish to continue using the app.

Getting Started With the Flagship for Shopify app

Here are the menu options that can be done in the app

Main Menu

Flagship for Shopify App Settings

Pending Orders

This is the page where you can see all the orders that have been placed by customers.

Pending Orders This page also allows you to take orders and convert them to a shipment using the Flagship online shipping system. You can also automatically dispatch orders from this page as well, provided the order was quoted with a Flagship service.

Upon installing the app, it will fetch all the orders your store has not marked as shipped from the past thirty days and add them to the app's records so that you can start using the Flagship for Shopify app right away.


An action that can be taken for the order, usually in the form of a button or a link. Different factors will determine what will be shown and what actions it will take.

Prepared Orders

This allows you to see all the orders you have dispatched using the Flagship for Shopify app and online system. Shipments Page


This link will bring you to the pickup actions page. From here, you can navigate to the Schedule Pickups page, or the View Pickups page. Pickup Admin

Schedule Pickups

From this page, you can schedule pickups for the shipments made through the Flagship for Shopify app. Pending Pickups

Pickup Form

This is where you fill in the information for your pickup. All of the fields are required to schedule your pickup. Pickup Form

Once all the information has been filled in, you can proceed by pressing the Schedule button. Once that has been done and no errors occur, your pickup is created and you can now view it from the View Pickups page.

View Pickups

This is where you can view all the pickups you have made through the Flagship for Shopify app. You can also cancel pickups you have already made.

View pickups

The next row can have a button that allows you to cancel the pickup, provided that either the shipment has not been picked up by the courier yet, or that the pickup date has not been passed.

Cancelled pickups will have the row highlighted in red and the cancel button is removed.